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ofra kutz - ceramics art & design

Ofra Kutz - Ceramic Artist, lives and creates in a studio in Kfar Saba, Israel.  

My work is exhibited in galleries and museums around the world and in private collection.

In recent years, I have been researching creation of meaning to my sculptural clay work, by using a combination of crackle and volcano glazes, exposed textual and rough clay as well as delicate and luxurious ceramic materials, such as porcelain and gold luster decoration. This encounter creates seemingly impossible contrasts, but also creates a new personal clay language.

I deal with the localism that emerges from the connection of opposites. I am constantly seeking the delicate balance between form and matter, between order and disorder and between planning and coincidence.

My search for the balance between the need to control and framework, shaping and giving my form to the clay, is reflected in my meticulous work and the freedom that finds expression in the sensuality of the clay textures.

The preoccupation with time is also expressed in my multi-layer creation - a central and common theme in my work - whether the layers are social, cultural, multicultural or personal. These are the layers that define me and tell the story of my life from the framework story in the outer form and within it layer upon layer is added in an attempt to reach the core, the essence, to tell us a life story.

Curriculum Vitae

Ofra Kutz

Born 1959, lives and works in Kfar-Saba Israel

Ceramic artist with own ceramic studio since 1983

Selected Group & solo exhibition


2023                  International ceramic Art exhibition Pinodia Museum - Korea

           The 10th Harmony International ceramic exhibition - Korea

           "Namwon 2023 Via Harmoney group exhibition - Korea

2022        Kusadashi ceramic exhibition - kusadashi Hilton turkey

            "In her spirit" Batia Shani Gallery Tel Aviv

            Kala Chhavi Art Calendar 2022

            "The 11th Namwon international Ceramic Art invited exhibition  Korea

2021        "Wood fire Art Festival - International Masters Exhibition - SIVA University,

            Shanghai China

            "People first, Beauty in one eorld" Shenzhen Jinxiu Museum China

            "No Limit" - Hamivshala Gallery Haifa Israel. 

            "1st International online women art exhibition Curated by: Ranjana Pal India.

2020        "Cracks in Time" - BY5 Gallery, Tel Aviv Israel Solo Exhibition

            "Birds Eye View" - Mivshala Gallery, Tiveon Israel

            International Fantastic Macsabal Competition, Hacettepe University, Ankara Turkey


2019        The 19th "International Ceramics Exposition" Zibo China

            "Freedom" - Shagal Gallery, Haifa Israel


2018        "Foot Print" Mural - made with Island students, St. Kitts & Nevis Caribbean Islands

            Group exhibition - Charlestown Gallery, Nevis Caribbean Islands

            "Not Everything is Gold" - Mivshala Gallery, Tiveon Israel

            "Me Too" - Binyamin Galley, Tel Aviv Israel

2017        "Topsy Turvy" - Annual exhibition of "ceramic Artists Association of Israel" -

            Mivshala Gallery, Tiveon Israel

            "Clay Love Water" - Mivshala Gallery, Tiveon Israel

            "Topsy Turvy" - Annual exhibition of "ceramic Artists Association of Israel" -

                              Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv Israel

            "Fresh Paint Design" - Tel Aviv Israel  Solo Exhibition

2016        "Gold" - Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv Israel

            Reflection" 8 in Jaffa Gallery, Tel Aviv Israel Solo Exhibition

            "Fresh Paint Design" - Tel Aviv Israel Solo Exhibition

2015        "White Matter" - Wilfred Israel Museum, Hazorea Israel

2014        "The Feast" - Annual exhibition of "Ceramics Artists Association of Israel -

            Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv Israel

            "Vasa Agartal" - Tel Hai Symposium Israel

2013               "Tribute to Nature" - Gan Shmuel Galley Israel

2010-2013   Community exhibitions - Kfar Saba Israel 


Education & Training

2018        Annual course in glass tube

2017        Silicon castings at Givat Haviva Ceramics School

2015        All about art -course at Triagle Gallery

2015-2017   Annual course - Individual and group critiquing at Benyamini Ceramics Center

2013        Silk- screen printing at Benyamini ceramics Center

2010-2013   Technology of materials at Givat Haviva ceramics school

2010-2013   Advanced studies in special firing techniques & experimentation with water-soluble

            colorants applied in glazing at Givat Haviva school

1981-1983   Studied pottery in private studio

1980        Slab build, clay roller technique in private studio

Residency, workshop and Symposium

2023        The 10th Harmoney International Festival - Korea

2022        The 9th Kusadashi Ceramic Symposium _ M. Tuzum, Turkey

2019        Macsabal Wood Firing Symposium, Zibo China

2018        Planning and creating a murals with students, St. Kitts & Nevis Caribean Islands

2018        Residency in "Morning Star Ceramics Studio", ST. Kitts & Nevis Caribean Islands

2018        Workshop in "Morning Star Ceramics Studio", ST. Kitts & Nevis Caribbean Islands

Teaching Ceramic

2013-2023   Teaching ceramics wheel thrown course in my own studio

2013-2022   Teaching ceramics slab build course in my own studio

2019-2022   Raku workshop

2013-2014   Teaching students at the "Archaeological Museum in 

1992        I had founded and run a Ceramic Center in Kibutz Maagan Michel          


A member of IAC-International Academy of Ceramics 

A member of Artaxis 

A member of the Ceramic Artists Association of Israel

Private collections and special sales

Ofra Kutz’s work has been purchased by private collectors in Israel and around the world. In 2014, her porcelain tableware was offered by a gallery in France for sale to upscale restaurants.

Her art works are being exhibited in collections of :


"Pinebay Hotel" Kusadashi collection

“Eretz Israel Museum” - Israel

“Contemporary Ceramics Museum” – Taiwan

“Ankara Ceramics Museum”-  Turkey

“Zibo China International Ceramics Exposition – China

"Sassi - Milici" Gallery - France

Multiple private collections in Israel, Europe, USA, Canada, Taiwan

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